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  • Meet the “Bull Dog” of our product line. When you’re talking about torque, this is the top of the line. Available for applications up to 30 horsepower.


  • The 5000 Series transmissions allow for unlimited shifting frequencies by rotating the cross shaft back and forth from the forward to reverse positions..


  • The output shaft with integral planetary gear carrier includes pinions on hardened studs with the most durable needle bearings available.


Typical Applications:

Textile equipment, pumps, specialty machinery, cement mixers, winches, locomotive transportation vehicles, and industrial power drives.


Optional Modifications:

5201-1:  Special input shaft 1″ x 1 3/8″ long. Non-locking cams in both forward and reverse positions.

5201-2:  Non-locking cams in both forward and reverse positions.

5201-4:  Non-locking cams in both forward and reverse positions, with a reinforced cross shaft.

5201-5:  Reinforced cross shaft.

5201-8:  Dead man cam in the reverse position.

5201 Transmission

SKU: Model 5201
  • Model 5201

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