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Models & Specs

These single speed transmissions consist of planetary set up, driven by a sun gear. There are two reaction brake banks within the housings. One engages the forward position and the other engages the opposite reverse direction. When either one is clamped down by force of the cam, forward or reverse will then be engaged.

The unique dual brake band design allows for immediate shift on the fly direction control from the forward to reverse, even under a full load, since the input and output shaft gearing is always in constant mesh with each other.

Our rugged designs provide for a prolonged life even in the harshest applications.

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Model 5001A

The 5001A Product is Snow-Nabstedt’s smallest and most economical transmission, but it is still an extremely dependable product.

Model 5101B

Snow-Nabstedt’s most popular transmission; the versatility of this transmission has made it the product of choice on a variety of equipment. The 5101B product is noted for its tremendously long service life and unmatched reliability.

Model 5108C

The 5108C Model is tremendously popular due to its unsurpassed durability.

Model 5102

The 5000 Series transmissions allow for unlimited shifting frequencies by rotating the cross shaft back and forth from the forward to reverse positions.

Model 5201

Meet the “Bull Dog” of our product line. When you’re talking about torque, this is the top of the line. Available for applications up to 30 horsepower.

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