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  • The 5001A Product is Snow-Nabstedt’s smallest and most economical transmission, but it is still an extremely dependable product.


  • These single speed transmissions consist of planetary set up driven by sun gear. There two reaction clutch bands within the housings. When either clutch band has been clamped down, by force of the cam, either the forward or reverse positions will then be engaged.


  • The 5000 Series transmissions allow for unlimited shifting frequencies by rotating the cross shaft back and forth from the forward to reverse positions.

    The output shaft with integral planetary gear carrier includes pinions on hardened studs with the most durable needle bearings available.



Typical Applications:

Rolling equipment, industrial drives, sewer equipment, conveyors and cabling equipment.


Optional Modifications:

5001A-1: Reverse Cross Shaft – Provides the ability to shift from the opposite side of the standard unit.

5001A-2: Special Water Prevention Breather

5001A Transmission

SKU: Model 5001A
  • Model 5001A

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