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  • Snow-Nabstedt’s most popular transmission; the versatility of this transmission has made it the product of choice on a variety of equipment. The 5101B product is noted for its tremendously long service life and unmatched reliability.


  • These single speed transmissions consist of planetary set up driven by sun gear. There two reaction clutch bands within the housings. When either clutch band has been clamped down, by force of the cam, either the forward or reverse positions will then be engaged.


  • The 5000 Series transmissions allow for unlimited shifting frequencies by rotating the cross shaft back and forth from the forward to reverse positions. The output shaft with integral planetary gear carrier includes pinions on hardened studs with the most durable needle bearings available.


Typical Applications:

Industrial drives, turf & asphalt rollers, textile equipment, conveyors, sewer equipment, pumps, winches, and other specialty machinery.


Optional Modifications:

5101B-3:     Non-Locking Cams

5101B-3W:  Non-Locking Cams with #61 Woodruff key on one side

5101B-5:     Special water prevention breather

5101B-6:     1/8″ Hole through the output shaft

5101B-8:     Hardened Gear Drum

5101B-9:     Shortened Output & Cross Shaft (Output side only)

5101B-11:   Extra Long Input Shaft

5101BM:     Extra Heavy Duty Bearings

5101B Transmission

SKU: Model 5101B
  • Model 5101B

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